FBI Against Parents

3 weeks ago
This is scary stuff. I've been talking with several people about the inconsistencies that keep floating around this whole vaccine business. While I'm a proponent of vaccines, I'm certainly not a believer in any kind of mandate. This is at best a huge overstep and at worse, criminal at the highest levels of government.
3 weeks ago
Some people are just starting to wake up. I grew up in Socialism, under Soviet occupation, and I lived my first 19 years there. I live in the USA since I was 21. I am 53.

Socialism is a regression of Corruption - Deception - Decay. We are at the Deception phase, the people in power are on a timeline. They must reach a critical mass of people deceived or they are going to lose.

They are using everything and everyone to destroy the Constitutional Representative Republic. They use Communism, Islam, Racism, Anarchy, Medicine - the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I have been watching this escalating for nearly a decade now. Its getting to the interesting part, where they no longer able to lie - they must use force. They can no longer deceive, so they are going to turn to violence.

My best bet is - they are going to claim "they have the votes", and they start doing whatever the Hell they want to do - pass bills, arrest people, take over person and property at will. This is the only way Socialism functions, there is no other.
3 weeks ago
I spent two years in Venezuela and watched -- with horror -- as Venezuelans shifted over to accepting the blame placed on others (mostly us) and handed over the rights of others (and by so doing, eventually their own rights). I've spent the last 20 years warning other people that the same playbook is in use here in our own country and if we don't wake up, we'll be in the same boat.
3 weeks ago
As I said, if its feathered like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, tastes like a duck - its PROBABLY a duck. All this upheaval over Racism, ANTIFA, BLM, White Supremacy, The Squad is about destroying the Constitutional Representative Republic of the United States of America.

Its not about installing Socialism, its about killing the Constitution. They use everything else in this as useful idiots. Once the Constitution is destroyed they are going to deal with the Anarchists, the Communists, deal with Islam, with all the "allies".

For now, they use anything and everything to destroy the Constitution. This is the only agenda. Its a hell of a lot harder to kills than anything else in human history.

They cannot move, because of the 2nd Amendment. They know, they cannot open that door, because the former LEOs and Military is going to start pouring out from "behind every blade of grass". There is a lot of land in North America, nobody is able to manufacture enough combat drones to cover it. Not yet.

As Trump promised, everything going to be revealed. Many people thought it was a promise. It was an omen. You had to see it, hear it, experience it to believe it.